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      Home|about us|History

      2005……KLF HOME FURNISHING CO.,LTD is established, and focus on the “customized wardrobe” as pioneer in China,

      2006…..KLF earns the “Provincial Famous Brand”

      2009……KLF has got ISO9001 certificate,,

      2010……KLF jumps into top 30 wardrobe manufacturer of China,

      2011……KLF introduces the Canada 2020 design software and German Homag intelligent automatic production line,

      2012…..KLF earns China environmental labelling

      2013…..KLF starts to promote the “whole house health customization”,

      2014…..KLF has set up over 600 showrooms,

      2015….KLF earns Chinese Famous Brand reputation,

      2016…..KLF opens the new manufacturer base in Foshan,

      2016…..KLF turns to` be a listed company,

      2017….KLF invites Chinese super star-Zhuyawen as the brand spokesman,

      2018….KLF operates advertisements at over 100 domestic cities

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